DTC to Pay

And what I was trying
to tell you was I always told him he should have a hedge
fund in order to manage his own stuff, and Legends was
that hedge fund, it became the hedge fund.

We bought a piece of property in Austin, Texas,
and were going to build a massive golf teaching center.................
I raised money, we bought the property, about
six months down the line somebody offered us what we
thought was an exorbitant price for the property, and we
sold it.

We had, you know -- he would always operate in
way where he would give me either a check, which he
did in the beginning, or would DTC me, and at that point
he had 26 million shares, I believe it was, if I
remember correctly, of e-MedSoft, and at one point he
DTC'd me 250,000 shares -- no, I think he started with
50,000 free trading and 250 restricted. And this is
from memory, but it's ballpark.

Just for the record, what are you specifically
referring to when you say "DTC"?
It's a way to transfer stock from one account
to another. And the stock would come from, you know,
his various entities.

Well, I brought to the table, in the case of
e-MedSoft, which is the most significant, we already
talked about Red Coat -- I brought them to the table,
and then he took over. And they bought over 15 million
shares of E-MedSoft.

Who's "they"?

.............. two
principals of Red Coat. They were introduced to Mitch
Stein and e-MedSoft by me. I brought them to the table,
and then he took over completely. He actually spent
nearly a month in their offices during a period of time
in which e-MedSoft went from under a dollar to over four

You said that e-Med stock was his currency at
the time? What did you mean by that?
That's how he paid people. He paid others with
e-Med stock as well, because he had so many shares, he
could never have sold them all, although he did manage
to sell what appears to be 20 million shares or so.

And so whatever you understood that whatever
work you did for him on this consulting agreement, you
were getting paid in e-Med shares?
That wasn't the understanding. That's what

It may have
been someone -- but of course, Mitchell forbid me to
meet with more than one board member at a time. He left
that in a voice message. Only meet with one at a time,
don't put issues on the table, then I'll have to correct
it and get rid of them. I have that voice message.
You'll enjoy that. (In reference to Recom)

List of Lawsuits

These are some. If you have case numbers of ones not listed, email them to me. I know there are more, but this is a few that generate interest:

U.S. District Court District of South Carolina Greenville Division cases:
Robert Latham vs Signalife p (Stein is listed as a defendant)
Darryl Roth vs Signalife Case No. 08-CV-3183-RBH (Stein is listed as a defendant)

Unencumbered Assets Trust v Mitchell J Stein
Case No. 2:2009cv01053 (Ohio District)

Rubbermaid, Inc vs Signalife
Case No. 3:07-cv-00033-RJC-DCK (W.D.N.C)

Triple Play Stock Alert unsolicited stock faxes generated a suit
Peter Strojnik, P.C. vs. Signalife, Inc. et al, Case No. 2:08-cv-1116 (Arizona)

MGM Grand Hotel, LLC vs Mitchell Stein
Case 2:2007cv01349 (Nevada District)

County of San Diego vs Mitchell J Stein
Child Support Case (Stein is evading service at the moment)

Fink vs Signalife
California Superior Court Ct. No. BC 349925

Signalife vs STEVEN O. SPARKS
(case that hurts Signalife and Stein to this very day since Stein is Recom/Signalife)
California Superior Court Case No. SC 038642
Tracey Hampton Stein vs Erwin I. Katz, Ltd. et al
Florida Southern District Court Case No. 9:2009cv80798

(Now do she "really" want this going forward in a courtroom. Maybe, Mitch will figure out how he can have a microphone piece in her ear and tell her word for word what to say or maybe she will get on the stand and cry about her family being "famous" or use the "black woman" argument?)

The one that has everyone saying "fake" is Stein's bankruptcy case
Case No. 09-14345-PGH (South Florida District)

Most of the above cases are easily found online by case numbers. If you do not understand the first few posts, research the South Carolina cases, Spark case, and the Triple Play case to better understand how Mitchell Stein manipulate stocks, manipulate people, evade taxes, donate to politicians to keep them from pursuing legal action against him and his silent partner name Tracey Hampton-Stein (aka Tracey Hampton aka Tracey Wilson Hampton aka Tracey Stein), etc.

To better understand the penny stock

This is the best definition available:


It's on the record

........calls in the middle of

the night, so forth and so on, and he's a fraud. It
was a fraud. It was a scam.

At that

point in time, E-Medsoft was a very popular subject at
Sherwood Country Club and at Lakeside and at Bel Air

...... apparently got a $70 million loan

arranged from the ........., and then he claimed --
and he went to Switzerland with Mitchell. I have a
couple of voicemails where he called me from
Mitchell's what he says G-5. Mitchell calls his G-
3 a G-5. That's like calling a Cadillac a Rolls Royce

they all

lost millions of dollars because of Mitchell's touting
the stock and telling lies, and the news that was
released on Med was apparently false.

talked to him over

and over again about paying income tax and how should
I go about this because he was, you know, claimed to
be quite an astute guy in all ways. And he kept
telling me I should go talk to his accountant.

........" He said "Oh,
there's a million ways to not pay."
And then, of course, a few days

after I wrote the government the checks for $560,000,
he said "You're an idiot. Why did you do that?
You're crazy. Why would you pay those taxes?" I said
you know, "'Cause that's what you're supposed to do."
We had a big argument about that. He told me I was
unsophisticated, didn't understand things.

..............he completely destroyed the relationship because

he got drunk and offered to sell the guy E-Medsoft
stock. I think he offered him two shares for every
share he bought in the market, or some -- something
like that.
By acting like a fool and throwing clubs on
the golf course and quitting in the middle of the
round. His etiquette on the golf course is the worst
I've ever seen.

Yeah. I mean Mitchell only gives

you a little piece of the story, and that's why he
isolates people and not allows others to talk to
others, and it's incomplete data. And sometimes he'll
give you just blatant misinformation.

He and Tracy had a conversation with .....,

........ they were cutting loose a lot of
people because -- and he always talked about people
that sucked money out of him and took advantage of
him. It's preposterous.

Is it fair to say that Mr. Stein is a pretty
heavy drinker?

At times.

He asked me at one point if I knew

anybody that would be -- and this was early on -- who
would be a good board member and to make
recommendations about who else maybe would be put on
the board that would be synergistic and valuable. He
wanted me to -- you know, on the subject of talking to
investors, he did leave me a message that told me "Do
not contact anybody who has anything to do with
E-Medsoft. Do not contact anybody who knows anybody
to do with E-Medsoft."

When someone controls 85 percent of the

stock, it's pretty tough to get a sophisticated
investor to come in and get in behind that, especially
when that person has a history of selling large
ownerships. The liquidity of the stock was a problem.
Obviously, there weren't enough shares out there.

he showed up in cowboy

boots with a suit. He looked like a fool with these
white cowboy boots with a dark suit and talking about
his gulf stream airplanes

But when you just continue to

lie and lie and lie, people don't like it. And he
can't help himself. He's got a problem there.

I'm shocked that the SEC,

or the NASD didn't come in and do some sort of
investigation. When a stock goes from 2 to 16 in a
short period of time on low volume, they usually come
try to figure out why the market is a little strange
and too volatile.

Okay. How many times have you bought Recom

I believe only once when Mitchell called me
and instructed me specifically to buy 7,500 shares at
31 minutes after the opening, that "I don't like your
strategies. I'm taking over. I'm going to be
president of the company. Tracy has insisted, and I
am going to do this. And I want you to buy 7,500
shares, 31 minutes after the opening. I don't want
any excuses. You won't be able to call me. I'll out
of contact, but I want you to leave me a message that
you got this and you're going to do it, and I want you
to do it. That's 7,500 shares, 31 minutes after the
opening." That's a voice message, and it's -- I've
paraphrased it, but that is what it says.

Okay. And did you do it?

All right.
But I didn't buy 75 -- oh, and in the
message he said "...............'s the company lawyer.
The lawyer for company and all its directors. He has
approved this. You'll file a form 4. Everything is
legal under the laws of man," or whatever he says,
"and I want you to do this."

You never directed anybody to engage
in short selling of Recom stock?

I think it's possible Mitchell does.
Why do you say that?
Because sellers would show up in the stock,
and nobody could figure out where they were coming

Because he did it in E-Medsoft, he sold

stock while saying he was going -- that he would never
sell a share. He told all my friends and all the
people that bought, "I'll never sell a share," and he
sold like crazy. So he lies about that.

contacts were

buying E-Medsoft stock, that Mitchell through various
subsidiaries sold millions and millions and millions
of shares, and it's abominable, it's disgusting, it's
horrible because he would say right to people's face
"I will never sell stock, E-Med stock.


that's a trick he uses and he did that with many
people. He would tell them to buy E-Medsoft stock and
get them involved and tell them he'll give them extra

"You give him 50,000, and I don't want to
hear any arguments about it."

(Bill Lockyer campaign)

25,000 to Clinton, 10,000 to Clinton's wife, 5,000 to
Kerry was his last forced move, 5,000 to the district
attorney of Las Vegas, whatever that was about.
E-Medsoft was one of the better performers
after -- right after 9/11 because ........... was in
there buying like crazy because Stein was sitting in
his office tell him he was buying and, in fact, he was
selling. And when the stock started plummeting, we
found out later that TSI, Tracy Stein had sold
millions of shares and that Swab Financial had

It's on Raging Bull, punch out Med

Diversified, MDDVV.Q., and it talks about Stein being
a crook and fleecing investors and lying and selling
stock while everybody else was buying and that there's
a couple of lawsuits, class action suits against Stein
in Florida and the whole Becky ..... thing, and, you
know, it's all on there. Whether it's true or not,
you know, I don't know.

Celebrities and Politicians Are Good For Business

......throughout the year he'd tell me about VIPS, and we 9 met with Bill Lockyer a couple of times and he demanded
that I donate $50,000 to Bill Lockyer, which I resisted,
but I did it because he insisted. In fact, he insisted.
I donated to the Clintons. I donated $25,000
to Bill Clinton and I think
to Hillary. He insisted.
I do it. "You do this. It's part of our relationship."
And it was sort of related to VIPS and the victims and 16 so forth.

(Why would a penny stock hustler ruin relationships with the Hollywood crowd? The list is so long and embarassing that they are being spared from being mentioned here, for now. Why was there a donation to Las Vegas 's D.A. since no one was a Las Vegas resident nor a Nevada resident?)

The Art of Being A Dober Dog

I'm sorry. But this is exactly

what I'm talking about. When you said "raised money,"
Mitchell Stein always said he had 100, 200, 500
million dollars. He may not have said "raised money."
He may have said "I will finance the company. We
don't need to raise money."

I was told that he contributed to

the company. I could tell you that it seemed like
some months was 20, $30,000, other months it was
$100,000, but it was never the millions that he

There were some months

that it was around 50,000 a month. There were then
extraordinary items sometimes that -- things that
Budimir needed and those guys, so sometimes it would
jump up to a hundred or so.

There was a strange arrangement with Legends
FinanciaBoldl, or Legends Advisers, or whatever their
entities may be involved there

And there was, I believe, some

funding done by Legends because Legends ended up with
some Recom stock.

............... because we were told we had a

lease with Legends and we were paying them with, I
believe, S-8 stock, and there was a very confusing
situation there, and I thought there was a conflict of
interest there and I think Legends ended up with a lot
of stock.

Well, along these same lines, there was a

loan of some kind that was given to Recom either by
Legends or Mitch Stein or both or maybe -- I always
thought Mitch Stein was Legends.

I assumed there were going to be

deficiencies because that's the way he does it.
That's what his tool, his weapon is, to make the stock
options very difficult to register, which in fact
makes them

There's a considerable amount of restricted
stock being registered, and sometimes I have no idea

what the name means or who it is. Sometimes it's a
religious organization or a university or some name
I've never heard. There's no -- I don't know where
all these people got 144 stock.

you state that you're

informed and believe and thereon allege that Mr. Stein
has manipulated or attempted to manipulate Recom stock
price by, among other things, point A, offering
promises or compensation to persons or companies in
order to induce such persons or companies to buy Recom

You state here that Mr. Stein ordered

or directed -- and directed Recom's officers and
members of its board of directors to buy and/or sell
Recom stock at particular times and in particular
amounts. Okay. What do you base that on?
A voice message from Mr. Stein and
instructions from Mr. Stein that the voice message
says essentially "I want you to buy 7,500 shares of
Recom at 31 minutes after the opening, and no excuses.
I'm going to be taking over as president. Tracy and I
have decided. And I don't like your strategies. And
I don't like your ideas. And you're to buy 7,500
shares of Recom stock at 31 minutes after the opening.
Call and confirm that you are. You will then file a
form 4, .................

"Directing persons or companies to buy and/or

sell Recom stock between such persons or companies
thereby artificially inflating the trading volume
while simultaneously keeping such shares off the free
market since those shares would merely be passing the
stock back and forth between the persons or companies
under Stein's control."

"Mitch made us buy stock today" or "I had to

be in the market buying today."

......... made phone calls to ..... -- when we see

his phone records, we'll see this -- many, many, many
times a week, sometimes 10, 15 times a week. And it
was usually early in the morning and he'd call and
he'd say "Watch this. ...... in there. Watch, it's
going to go up. It will be 2.40." I'd say "Geez,
what are you guys doing?" "Don't worry about it.
Everything's cool."

Okay. Have you seen any documents which

reflect that Mr. Stein was directing persons or
companies to buy Recom stock to artificial apply
inflate the trading volume?
Mr. Stein's very careful about not creating
documents, but he runs the entire company, and that's

Okay. Has anybody ever told you that

Mr. Stein has directed persons or companies to buy
Recom stock shortly before the closing of the market
at higher prices in order to artificially paint the
tape and increase the stock price?
As I just said, that comes from his
history --

you state there that Mr. Stein induced

persons or companies to buy Recom stock by
disseminating fictitious or unrealistic positive
information about Recom as if such information were
inside information when, in fact, such information is
false in significant part and is disseminated solely
to induce such persons or companies to buy stock.
What's your basis for making that assertion?
Some of the news releases seemed unrealistic
to me and were overstated, which again is part of his
behavior, Mr. Stein's behavior.

Well, what did Mitchell Stein tell you about
Legends' involvement with Recom?
There's certain documents. It was a way --
I do believe Legends got stock from Recom, and since
Stein owned Legends, I always thought, hmm, there's a
way to cash some S-8 stock. Recom pays Legends,
Legends sells the stock, and Stein owns Legends;
therefore, he gets the money.